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Bloom Boutique Hotel Chongqing is located in Longhu Times Street, Daping, Yuzhong District. Located in the core business district, it is an ideal hotel for shopping, leisure, dining and entertainment. Youyi Station of Metro Line 1 and Double Ping Station of Daping Station of Light Rail Line 2; The hotel is about 8 kilometers from Jiefangbei and Hongyadong.

Grand Hotel has won the Bronze Award of the China Interior Design Grand Prix for the hotel category, and was built by the award-winning Heiner Design Company. The hotel has luxuriously designed luxury rooms with four themes of mountain, water, people and city, quiet and cultural art tea bar and restaurant, a conference space that can accommodate 50 people, and an urban elite meeting room that can accommodate 20 people.

Audiophile-grade indoor Bluetooth ceiling sound system, use music to define a sense of belonging to your own private space, carefully select tea bags from Dilmah (Dilmah) in Sri Lanka, Twinings breakfast tea from the British Royal Family, from the French SIVIA High-end wash and wash Chanel COCO fragrance bath preparations.

With 200 square meters of luxury space, Baobaixuan is a wonderful dining venue for your breakfast, and you will enjoy your time at home. Baoboxuan holds cultural salons, art exhibitions, travel sharing sessions, reading sessions, public classes, movie viewing and other activities from time to time. Looking forward to your visit.